Custom Furniture Makers in Perth

The Australian Furniture Directory began with one simple principle in mind: to make it easier for you to get the custom built furniture you want at a competitive price. This is what lead to the Australian Furniture Directory becoming Perth’s leading custom furniture makers.

The Australian Furniture Directory was founded in 2003 by Vince Maxwell with a background in the electronic communications industry and Frank Parker, a tradesman from the furniture manufacturing industry. The concept was to develop an easy solution utilising professional design consultants and a network of local manufacturers to provide clients with custom-made furniture at an affordable price.

With this in mind, AFD was born. The network was established between clients, designers, and manufacturers and catalogued using the Internet.

Parker had the knowledge and expertise to find the best manufacturers and designers and put them together. Maxwell had the computer proficiency and business acumen for designing the Internet-based infrastructure and the low cost business systems around this idea.

Together, they created a streamlined approach that makes it so much easier to find the custom furniture makers you need in Perth to produce the high quality, locally manufactured furniture you want for your home or business.

The Power of Local Design

At the heart of our operations are AFD’s Sales Design Consultants. These highly experienced professionals serve as the liaison between clients and the custom furniture makers themselves.

Design Consultants work directly with you to determine exactly what you need with your custom built furniture solution. From there, they utilise their expansive industry knowledge to identify the most suitable manufacturers for your project.

Our Design Consultants are the lifeblood of how we do things at AFD. They help translate your specific needs into tangible designs and manufacturing plans. From there, they work with our select network of local manufacturers to achieve your furniture objectives.

Meeting Your Furniture Demands

When you check any furniture showroom or online storefront, you’ll see all the latest trends in furniture design. These trends are driven by ongoing demand, popularity, and sales potential. But for many people, what’s new and hot in furniture trends may not provide you with what you need.

This exact point is where we stand out amongst our competition.

We are happy to offer our clients any of the latest furniture trends. However, if you need something different, we’re also ready to help:

  • Furniture that Matches Older Styles No Longer Being Produced
  • Unique Furniture Pieces Unavailable Anywhere Else
  • Furniture Sets Built Around Other Home Decor Items

No matter what you need, AFD is your source for the best local custom furniture makers in Perth. Contact us today to discuss your requirements at your home or arrange to meet at one of our factories.