Why A Bespoke Furniture Maker Can Save You Time and Even Money

Bespoke Furniture Maker

Why Use a Bespoke Furniture Maker

Using a bespoke furniture maker is often thought of as a more expensive option as opposed to buying an off-the-shelf piece from a furniture showroom. However, the exact opposite can often actually be the case and using a bespoke furniture maker could in fact save you money.
Working with a custom furniture designer is an exciting process that allows you to create the item you’ve always dreamed of but haven’t been able to source as an existing product without having to compromise.
Here are just a few reasons why using a bespoke furniture maker can save you both time and money.

Bespoke Furniture

Finding the perfect dining table, bedroom set, or sofa can sometimes feel like an impossible task. After visiting a few different furniture stores, it can seem like each store just has the same kinds and styles of furniture and it may not quite live up to what you’ve imagined fitting into your home. Having a custom furniture designer create and build your furniture to your exact requirements means you get exactly what you want instead of what everyone else already has. Your bespoke furniture will also work well with any existing furniture or design elements and will fit perfectly in your space!

Personalised Service

Using a custom furniture maker means you get the benefit of a more personalised service. At the Australian Furniture Directory, our design consultants closely work with you to ensure that you get a quality piece that has been custom designed just for you.

Save You Valuable Time

Finding the right furniture for your home takes time. Not just the hours of researching products and stores online but also physically going to visit different furniture shops to see what the furniture is like in person. Using a bespoke furniture maker means you can speak directly to your design consultant who will translate your ideas into a unique piece of furniture for your home, saving you hours of traipsing around the shops.

Save You Money

Bespoke, locally made furniture can actually often work out cheaper than buying a ready-made piece of furniture. This is down to the limited transportation costs required for locally designed and made furniture. There are no importation charges, no overseas shipping costs and no storage costs. Your item is designed, crafted and delivered straight to your door.

Get Exactly What You Want

When you want to achieve a particular look or feel for your room, sometimes you can have a picture of what you want to achieve in your mind. However, when you start looking around at what is available from furniture stores, you may in fact find that what you’re hoping to find might not actually exist. You shouldn’t have to compromise on what you want, and that’s where the Australian Furniture Directory can help.


Here at the Australian Furniture Directory we are committed to delivering only the highest quality bespoke furniture in Perth at the lowest prices. We offer a highly personalised furniture design service, with our professional designers working closely with you to create a design which meets all your requirements. We make sure that your custom made furniture is aligned to the overall look that you want to achieve for your room.

To find out more about working with us to craft your own unique piece of furniture, contact us today.