Why Choose Bespoke Bedroom Furniture?

bespoke bedroom furniture

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, where you can feel comfortable and at peace, and ultimately have a relaxing night’s sleep! The look and feel of your room should reflect your personal style and be a place you love to come home to.

Custom Designed for YOU – no cookie cutter designs!

When you work together with an expert furniture craftsman, they can help you design bedroom furniture unique to you. Rather than picking a cookie cutter design and shape from a warehouse, spend the time to design perfectly tailored furniture. This allows you to embrace your creative side and have something uniquely tailored for you! Whatever your style is, a professional craftsman can help create the perfect look and feel, unique to you!

Suit the size and shape of the room

Have you ever walked into a huge furniture store, armed with a tape measure, trying to find the right size and shape for your bedroom space? Throw away the flat pack! Custom built furniture is tailored to suit your exact space needs and will be designed to enhance your bedroom space.

Custom storage solutions

Many bedrooms are space poor, when it comes to storage and having some custom bedroom furniture designed, can help. There are some great storage hack ideas out there, including creating a bed headboard with storage, or create a bedframe with drawers. For small apartments, consider raising the bed and having a desk and shelving underneath.

Choose quality craftsmanship – no cheap imitations

Creating bespoke bedroom furniture requires a professional craftsman to spend the time to produce a quality piece. A lot of the flat packed warehouse furniture you buy off the shelf is imported and created from cheap materials (with no long-term guarantees)! A good custom furniture maker will offer lifetime guarantees for their work, and will spend the time to ensure you receive a perfectly created piece, that will stand the test of time.

Support the local Perth community

When you invest in local artisans, you help to preserve a craft and livelihood passed down for many generations. By supporting local business people, you are ensuring our money stays right here in WA. It also means you will get a customised service, back by a real person.

At the Australian Furniture Warehouse, our Design Consultants pride themselves on designing the right custom piece for you, and matching you with a quality furniture maker, to complete the work. If you are looking for some quality custom designed furniture, contact us today for a design consultation with one of our experts.