Interior Design Trends – What’s Hot in 2018

custom made sofa in living room

As we make our way into 2018, the design world is flooded with all the creative inspiration you need. Every year, a fresh set of options come out for the hottest materials, finishes, colours and ideas to bring into our homes. But which ones should you be choosing?

From functional spaces that ooze comfortability to modern trends that incorporate sustainability, fundamental palettes and our growing desire to connect with nature, we uncover a snapshot of interior design’s finest. If redecorating your home was on your New Year’s resolutions list, here are a few ideas to consider:

Accessorise with Pattern Plants

Pattern plants are fantastic for adding dimension and texture to a space. House plants have been a popular interior design addition for a while, but 2018 sees it developing to a more vibrant style. These lush accessories offer the perfect inspiration for décor ideas or use on their own to give your room a new lease of life. Pattern plants come in a huge variety of colours and designs making them easy and cost-effective to mix and match.

pot plants

Embrace Custom Made Furniture for Statement Pieces

Following design trends are great, but it’s important to add your own unique style into your home too. If you’re looking for that perfect statement to ‘wow’ the space with, going custom-made can give you the exact piece you crave. Engaging with a furniture maker can help you design statement pieces like custom cabinets, a bold custom made dining table or a home-theatre for that man cave!

Furniture statement pieces must feature both form and function. This year’s trend also sees organic shapes in furniture, lighting and cabinetry, with concealed storage as opposed to feature shelving or glass cupboard doors.

Earthy Neutrals Combined with Rich Colours

Earthy tints like terracotta and grey undertones are big this year. As sage becomes the new neutral, white, beige and stone are replaced with muted grey-greens paired with wood and cream colour palettes. These neutrals add warmth and soften the space beautifully. Other earthy pastels to incorporate include olives, soft mustards and jades.

It’s not to say though, that the rich colours shouldn’t be ignored this year. Paired with earthy neutrals, an abundance of bold colours like burnt oranges, dull greens, dusty blues, blush pinks and watermelon red bring calm and colour into the home. As the year goes on, stronger rust and reds will also make an appearance.

Custom Furniture earthy tones

Incorporate Dark Woods

Dark woods have become popular in statement pieces like dining tables and cabinets. The good news is though, you can make a bold statement in your home using dark woods in multiple ways. This trend sees delicious chocolate hues in the home combined with bright lighting and soft textiles to create a welcoming and spacious feeling.

Wood will be the primary material for decorating, as it’s natural warmth and polished look is used to mesh everything together in the space. Think dark oak, textured walnut pieces and mahogany to add new depths to a room.

Create Comfort Spaces

Work and leisure have crossed over. We’ve seen the trend of retail shops paired with coffee nooks and as the boundaries between the two blurs, interior design has shifted along with it too. In 2018, casual comfortable spaces will focus on experience rather than aesthetics. And with our home the safe haven, it makes sense to incorporate tactile fabrics and spaces of extra comfort and reassurance.

Seek Sophistication in Monochrome

For anyone craving sophistication in their homes, the minimalistic monochrome appeal is edging its way into 2018. The tone-on-tone look layers shades of the same colour, resulting in a charm that’s very sophisticated and disciplined. Monochrome trends use layered textural palettes, subtle colours and delicate accessories to create a gentle flow between spaces.

Concrete Accents

Concrete has always been a popular material choice because its industrial style pairs perfectly with soft textiles and earthy palettes. In 2018, concrete will show up in some unexpected places in the home. Floors are still great, but the material is also being used as wallcoverings, on countertops and tile. Stoneware tiles is a good place to start for you walls as they mimic the texture of concrete but come in multiple colours.

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