Transform Any Room into the Ultimate Home Theatre

home theatre room

Many Perth homes are now built with dedicated theatre rooms, but don’t worry, even without a purpose-built room, you can still create a fantastic entertainment experience. The first step is to do your research, and opt for the best TV and audio-visual equipment, to suit your taste and budget. Once you have the equipment purchased, it’s time to set up your home theatre. Whether it’s in your main living area or you have a dedicated entertainment room, there are some great ways you can set up your space, to create the ultimate Home Theatre.


Obviously one of the most important components of any home theatre, is the screen itself. In a rectangle room, you want to place your screen along the short wall, in the middle, either in an entertainment cabinet or wall mounted, to the correct height.


Place your speakers evenly along the side walls, for best sound projection. Ideally, in even spaces along the long walls, so they project the sound correctly. Soundproofing the room can also be considered, as you want to retain the quality of the sound in the room. You also don’t want to disturb roommates or neighbours, so consider your options in terms of wall coverings and insulation.


Definitely get yourself some good block out blinds, to stop the sunlight coming in through the windows and creating a glare on the screen. Some heavy drape curtains are also great, to create the theatre room effect.


Carpet helps to absorb ambient sound, and contributes to the ambience of the room. However, if you plan on having food and drink in the room, look for carpeting that is quick and easy to clean. Alternatively, add a rug or floor covering which can be removed and washed, as needed.


Dark colours work best, so paint them a dark colour, within reason, to suit your taste. Bright colours tend to reflect the light, which can create a glare on the screen. Also, try to avoid high gloss paint, for the same reason.


Make sure your lights don’t reflect off the screen. Down lights can be positioned correctly for the screen viewing and make sure you get a dimmer installed, so you can adjust accordingly. To create a theatre effect, consider installing feature wall lights, to create an ambient glow in the room.


No theatre room is complete, without a great modular couch or sofa. Recliners work best, and if you are having these custom built, you can design them to suit the shape of your room. You can also choose the colour and fabric to suit your style, and include some custom features such as built in cup holders and tables. You might also want to consider creating two rows of recliners, with the second row raised, for a truly immersive theatre experience.

Custom Cabinets

Create a custom entertainment unit to suit your room and taste. Depending on the shape and size of your room, there are some great opportunities to create not only the perfect cabinet to hold your TV and sound equipment, but also create some great storage space. Cabinets are a smart way to hide away cords and other equipment, so your room always looks pristine. You can also design them to build in your speakers and other equipment.


So now it’s time to get started - designing your dream home theatre is only limited by your imagination. Why not speak to one of our Custom Furniture Design Consultants, to get some expert tips on the perfect set up for your home.